Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet Talk : Last Dance Video

Here we have a new video by Sweet Talk called "Last Dance" in support of their debut album 'Pickup Lines' on 12XU.  The Austin power punk four piece are; Stephen Svacina (Mind Spiders), Harpal Assai, Mitch Frazier (Church Shoes) and Marley Jones (60 Minute Man).  Together they play out chewy rock guitars, gulping bass, forthright rhythms and narrative heavy vocals.  Executed with all the pizazz of power pop bands like Cheap Trick or Gentleman Jesse & His Men whilst showing a penchant for ballistic rock.   Directed by Saman Ghanbar and produced by Svacina you can watch "Last Dance" here...

Sweet Talk Website Facebook
You can find copies of 'Pickup Lines' at 12XU's Website

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